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What is Oxylent?

Oxylent is a revolutionary approach to total well-being. Based upon the latest nutritional science, Oxylent provides complete, synergistic, cellular nutrition in a highly absorbable form. A single effervescent packet of Oxylent dissolves quickly in water to provide a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes that promote oxygenation, hydration, circulation, and rejuvenation.*


How does Oxylent work?

The high quality ingredients in Oxylent work in harmony with your body’s chemistry to create a balanced atmosphere for your body to function properly.  Oxylent replenishes your body with a synergistic blend of the essential nutrients it needs to repair itself and return to homeostasis and optimal health.


What makes Oxylent unique to other supplements?

Oxylent is unique both because of its blend of essential ingredients and its highly absorbable delivery system. The minerals used in Oxylent are sourced from Albion. These ultimate mineral forms gained notoriety because of their superior bioavailability.

Albion® Human Nutrition is the most established and globally recognized leader in the chelate industry. Albion is the first bis-glycinate chelate manufacturer to be approved by EFSA, European Food Safety Authority.

In addition to several essential vitamins, Oxylent provides the unique ingredients, SOD and catalase, which are naturally occurring enzymes that protect cell membranes from oxidative damage. Superoxide Dismutase and catalase work together to promote the conversion of toxins into beneficial oxygen and water. Catalase’s powerful anti-aging action also works in harmony with the potent antioxidant, CoQ10, and the amino acid, L-Arginine. Together, they support healthy circulation and metabolism, to synergistically oxygenate, hydrate, circulate, and rejuvenate every cell in your body.* Oxylent’s effervescent powder form also sets it apart from other supplements, providing a delivery system that far surpasses pill, tablet, or capsule form.


Why are vitamins in powder form so beneficial?

Effervescent powder form has many benefits for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the powder form improves the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals because: (1) powder form supplements are produced with less processing of the ingredients (including avoiding excessive heat and binder ingredients such as cellulose), (2) less time elapses between blending and processing which reduces the exposure of the ingredients to air, and (3) the powder form is better absorbed by the body because it does not need to be broken down by the stomach acids to be absorbed in the small intestine—an advantage especially important for people with digestive difficulties. Additionally, the powdered, effervescent delivery system is a convenient way for parents to give children the essential vitamins and minerals they need, as well as a useful option for an aging population that finds swallowing and absorption more challenging. The reduced carbon footprint of powder-form supplements is also an increasingly important benefit. Powdered vitamins and minerals are a more environmentally sustainable form of supplementation, as they require less energy and expense to produce, less fuel and thus less emissions to transport, and don’t require petroleum-based plastic bottles.


What was the inspiration behind the development of Oxylent?

The founder of Vitalah’s passion for health grew significantly after her life as a world traveler led to persistent health issues. After searching the world for the perfect solution, she was inspired to develop what she needed in order to gain optimal health. It was then that she formed a team of leading health professionals to create the unique product now known as Oxylent. Oxylent incorporates the most recent nutritional science to deliver a new generation of health supplements. A single effervescent packet of Oxylent dissolves quickly in water and provides an optimum blend of vital nutrients to assist in hydration, oxygenation, circulation, and rejuvenation. It supports the body during stress, whether from air travel or a demanding lifestyle. What was initially created for those who love to travel has become the ultimate nutritional supplement for everyday life.


Why drink Oxylent?

Oxylent gives healthy amounts of beneficial vitamins needed on a daily basis to support your body to combat the stresses of daily life. Drink Oxylent for your health and well-being.


How does Oxylent taste?

Oxylent tastes like fresh, sun-ripened fruit on a summer day! You’ll find it tastes so good, it will be your drink of choice.


How long does the product last once it is in water?

For maximum benefits, we recommend drinking Oxylent soon after mixing.


Does Oxylent contain caffeine? Is there any gluten or wheat in Oxylent?

No, Oxylent contains no caffeine and is gluten free.


Does Oxylent contain sugar?

All Oxylent formulas contain NO SUGAR and are naturally sweetened with stevia only.


Is the product organic or all natural?

Multivitamins of this nature can rarely claim to be natural because they require higher potency nutrients that simply cannot be obtained directly from the original source—even though they might be synthesized from a “natural” source.


Is Oxylent beneficial for your health?

Yes, the health benefits associated with drinking Oxylent are countless. You may feel some positive effects, such as increased energy, clearer thinking, and overall well-being.*


Is Oxylent good for children? Is Oxylent safe to take if pregnant or nursing?

We recommend checking with your primary care provider before starting any new supplement. Our research shows numerous benefits for pregnant/lactating women as well as children.


For an athlete, when is the best time to take Oxylent?

This question continues to come up in conversations with athletes regarding Oxylent. I consulted with my doctor about this very question and here is his answer.

“During a workout the body eliminates essential minerals through perspiration.  It is not possible to pre-load minerals, in anticipation of depletion, therefore the ideal time to take your Oxylent is following a work out.  Endurance athletes such as long distance runners and triathletes may increase their performance by taking Oxylent during the long work out.  This may assist in avoiding extreme depletion.”
Thomas E Smith, DC, DCARB

Dr Smith is a Doctor of Chiropractic, board certified rehabilitation specialist, long distance runner, and fan of Oxylent.


How is Oxylent anti-aging?

Age is much more than just a number. We all know someone who looks older than their age, as well as someone who can pass for being ten years younger than they actually are. Simple choices in our everyday lives can go a long way towards delaying aging, looking younger, and feeling revitalized.

Inadequate nutrition is a major cause of premature aging. Our bodies require essential nutrients and vitamins every day in order to function normally, and without them our bodies begin to accumulate the molecular and biochemical damage known as aging. The human body is hardwired with innate mechanisms to repair itself and return to homeostasis; giving the body the nutrition it needs to carry out those functions can have a significant impact on delaying the aging process and achieving a longer, healthier, and happier life. Taking a few seconds to make Oxylent a part of your everyday ritual gives your body the
essential nutrients it needs to operate at optimal health, allowing it to repair the damaging effects that free radicals have on your cells and tissues. Essential ingredients in Oxylent include Vitamin C, which is required by the body for 300 different metabolic functions, has antioxidant properties, and supports the body’s natural anti-inflammatory response; CoQ10, which enables the mitochondria inside every cell in our bodies to engage in critical energy reactions; and Catalase, an enzyme which promotes the conversion of damaging free radicals into beneficial oxygen and water, thereby enhancing cellular
rejuvenation. Oxylent delivers the essential nutrition your body needs in order to thrive.


How can Oxylent help smokers or someone who has recently quit smoking?

Oxylent offers a number of unique advantages to smokers or those who have recently quit smoking, chief among these being Oxylent’s unsurpassed antioxidant power. There is evidence of increased oxidative stress in smokers, and Oxylent’s unique full-spectrum antioxidant support (with both primary and secondary antioxidants) offers unsurpassed support to help improve the antioxidant/pro-oxidant balance.

Each packet of Oxylent contains 20 IU of the primary antioxidant enzyme SOD (superoxide dismutase), the mechanism of action of which is the conversion of primary superoxide radicals into molecular oxygen and water (as well as the prevention of the production of other secondary free radicals).

Oxylent contains a patented form of Superoxide Dismutase that has been shown to significantly increase Superoxide Dismutase plasma concentrations after oral supplementation. These increases were not found with other kinds of dietary/secondary antioxidants. These increases have also been associated with improved clinical outcomes in human clinical trials.

In addition to the unique ingredient Superoxide Dismutase Oxylent also contains 1,000 mg of the secondary antioxidant vitamin C, as well as a full panel of Albion® Minerals mineral-amino acid chelates, supplementation of which has also been shown to increase activity readings for the various isoforms of SOD and to positively impact clinical situations in human trials.


How does Oxylent compare to Cell Food multivitamin?

We do not doubt that Cell Food multivitamin is a great choice for some people. But we also know that Oxylent offers advantages that Cell Food multivitamin cannot.

According to the supplement facts for Cell Food multivitamin, their product contains 100% RDA of 12 vitamins: vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and 8 B-vitamins. These are important vitamins that are crucial to health. However, we believe that Oxylent offers more comprehensive nutritional support; in addition to vitamins Oxylent also offers a full panel of Albion® minerals, as well as antioxidant enzymes and amino acids.

One of the things that makes Oxylent’s formula unique is the inclusion of 20 I.U. of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), which is statistically shown to contain 3 I.U. of Catalase. These enzymes represent the most powerful antioxidant enzymes in the body, and each I.U. catalyzes the elimination of billions of free radicals.

Another advantage of Oxylent is that our minerals are Albion® minerals. Albion is one of the highest regarded mineral manufacturers not only among naturopathic doctors and the natural health industry, but also in the pharmaceutical industry as well. The reason is because of the overwhelming depth of science behind Albion minerals’ superior absorption and effectiveness. Absorption is a particularly important issue for minerals, since even in optimal conditions minerals are often only moderately well absorbed. Albion is the inventor of a process called chelation that transforms minerals from their inorganic form to an organic form that is easily absorbed across the intestinal wall. Albion also holds a U.S. patent guaranteeing the absorption and metabolism of their mineral-amino acid chelates.

For these reasons Oxylent is a superior quality multivitamin/mineral supplement that is an excellent choice for a wide variety of people. Of course every individual is different, as we always recommend having your micronutrient status tested by your health care provider, who may recommend supplementation of specific nutrients in addition to a comprehensive daily multivitamin/mineral.


Can caffeine interfere with the absorption of minerals?

There is some research supporting a deleterious effect of caffeine on mineral absorption and status, particularly calcium and magnesium (and vitamin D receptors as well), but the mechanism is still not clear and the topic is somewhat controversial.

In general, though, caffeine can be considered one of the many factors that can inhibit mineral absorption and metabolism. Lifestyle factors such as alcohol and smoking, environmental factors such as pollution and toxin exposures, health issues affecting kidney and gastrointestinal health, and all forms of physical and emotional stress can negatively impact our bodies’ ability to absorb minerals. In addition, some widely used medications such as antibiotics, beta-blockers, thyroid drugs, antacids, osteoporosis drugs, and diuretics can all inhibit absorption and deplete minerals. Even the natural substances in grains and vegetables—such as phytic acid and oxalic acid—can inhibit mineral absorption. Furthermore, minerals can also compete with each other in the intestinal wall or interact with each other chemically. For example, zinc can decrease the absorption of iron and copper, and calcium can reduce absorption of iron and zinc.

Thus, even if we are consuming adequate amounts of minerals (which many of us are not) it is likely that we may not absorb them efficiently.

That’s why Vitalah’s choice to use Albion® Minerals in our Oxylent multivitamin drinks is so important, and really sets us apart. Vitalah chooses this form because of the overwhelming depth of scientific research behind it. Albion is the only manufacturer that has proven that its mineral chelates are effective and safe, with over 180 scientific articles. Only Albion guarantees that their chelates will be absorbed and metabolized by the human body. That’s a strong statement, and they have a recent patent to back it up. It is crucial to note that all published research on chelated minerals has been conducted using Albion Minerals. What this means is that other companies claiming to produce chelates use Albion’s research to give their products credibility.


Is Oxylent well absorbed even on an empty stomach?

Water-soluble vitamins (vitamin C, B vitamins) are absorbed well on an empty stomach. In fact, with Oxylent’s effervescent delivery system the absorption begins immediately, right in the mouth.

Fat-soluble vitamins (such as vitamin D) are generally better absorbed when taken along with food or a snack containing some dietary fat. However, there is some evidence that the effervescent delivery system of Oxylent—specifically the presence of CO2—also increases the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, even in the absence of food. A published study showed that the CO2 bubbles enhanced the absorption of hydrophobic compounds, which included fat-soluble vitamins, in the small intestines.

The mechanism that the researchers suggested as a possible explanation is the following: “CO2 molecules partition within the cell membrane producing an increased hydrophobic environment,” which leads to enhanced absorption of hydrophobic compounds (i.e. fat soluble vitamins).

Thus, while it is still ideal to take Oxylent with food or a snack, there is reason to believe that the vitamin D in Oxylent is still absorbable even on an empty stomach.


Does Oxylent help boost metabolism?

Vitamin C
There is published evidence showing vitamin C promotes fat mass loss during exercise (people with adequate C levels oxidize 30% more fat during moderate exercise than those with low vitamin C status). Vitamin C is water-soluble and rapidly depleted.

B vitamins
Crucial to fat, protein, and carbohydrate metabolism, high levels of Bs have been found to be a significant predictor of weight loss, and overweight people show high percentages of deficiencies. B vitamins are water-soluble and rapidly depleted.

Supports Glucose metabolism and insulin function. People with high consumption of this mineral over several years have been shown to gain less weight than those who had not supplemented.


Do I need to take my multivitamin with Oxylent?

Oxylent is itself a daily multivitamin, and would therefore take the place of any multivitamin you are currently taking. In fact, Oxylent is a new generation of multivitamin that replaces pills. With Oxylent, your experience of taking a daily multivitamin is transformed—from taking pills to enjoying a tasty sparkling beverage. Each packet of Oxylent mixes with water to create a sparkling, effervescent drink that contains a full panel of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, and electrolytes—all in one delicious drink.

Effervescence does more than just transform taking a multivitamin into a more enjoyable experience; it is also more effective than pills. Studies show that effervescence significantly improves absorption, which is why research forecasts it as the future delivery system of choice. Oxylent uses this revolutionary delivery system to deliver a daily multivitamin of unsurpassed quality and effectiveness.

Along with a well balanced diet and making healthy choices, Oxylent daily multivitamin drink provides your body with a unique formula of essential nutrients needed daily, including B vitamins, vitamins C and D, zinc, selenium, L-arginine, and the most powerful antioxidant on the planet—Superoxide Dismutase. Of course we always recommend consulting with your physician or other healthcare provider about any multivitamin or supplement you choose, as well as getting your nutrient levels checked to clearly understand what your body requires.


How do the I.U. on our label compare to the usual milligrams?

I.U. (International Units) and milligrams measure different things. I.U. measure the biological activity/potency of an agent. Milligrams (or micrograms, grams, etc.) measure its mass/weight.

The goal of I.U. (which is set by The WHO Expert Committee on Biological Standardization) is to allow comparison among different forms of biological agents regardless of their mass. For example, I.U. allow beta-carotene and retinol, as different forms of vitamin A that have different mass/weight, to be compared. Beta-carotene and retinol have different mass but can be standardized by number of I.U.

Milligrams will be the same regardless of the substance being measured (1 mg vitamin A = 1 mg vitamin D = 1 mg vitamin E, for example). But since I.U. differ by substance/agent, there is no equivalence between I.U. of different agents (1 I.U. of vitamin E cannot be equated with 1 I.U. of vitamin D, for example).


How do Oxylent packets hold up to heat (for example, in a car for a long time or backpacking)?

Heat should not have any detrimental effects on the packets as long as they remain airtight, i.e. as long as the seal is not torn or broken. Extreme heat could cause the packets to burst however, so caution should be used in circumstances involving extreme heat—Oxylent should not be left in cars in extremely hot climates, for example.


Has Vitalah thought about an “intensive stress formula”?

Because of our unique inclusion of Superoxide Dismutase and Catalase, Oxylent already is an intensive stress formula. In addition to 100% or more of the B vitamins, Oxylent contains 20 I.U. of Superoxide Dismutase, which statistically is shown to contain 3 I.U. of Catalase. In fact, a study with healthy adults found that daily supplementation of microencapsulated Superoxide Dismutase for four weeks had positive effects on stress and fatigue. (Milesi MA, et al. Nutr J 2009,15:8:40.)

Taking 2 packets a day instead of 1 is one way to intensify the level of stress support (and increase the daily supplementation of SOD), when traveling, exercising, experiencing loss of sleep, or otherwise experiencing high levels of physical, emotional, or cognitive stress.


What causes the effervescence?

Effervescent fizz is caused by a simple chemical reaction: An organic food acid mixes with a carbonate salt, which releases carbon dioxide gas. Water is needed to start the reaction; without water, neither the food acid nor the carbonate can dissociate, and the effervescent reaction cannot start.


Can Oxylent be taken on an empty stomach?

Because Oxylent utilizes Calcium Ascorbate as its vitamin C source, it could be easily taken on an empty stomach. Calcium Ascorbate is buffered and less acidic, allowing it to be more gentle and easier on the stomach than the more commonly used form of vitamin C, Ascorbic Acid.

Any supplement that is taken with food may aid and assist in better absorption. However, because Oxylent uses only high-quality ingredients like Calcium Ascorbate and Albion Minerals, and utilizes effervescent technology, it can be consumed on any empty stomach for superior absorption as well.

Please note that every person’s body is different and may react differently. If taking Oxylent on an empty stomach does not work for you, try drinking Oxylent as a functional beverage with your breakfast, lunch, or a snack! You may also feel a burst of energy due to the B vitamins. We always recommend taking Oxylent in the morning or early afternoon.


Can Oxylent be frozen into ice cubes and still maintain the nutrients?

Yes. We recommend drinking Oxylent within 30 minutes of adding to water, as the potency does begin to decrease after about 30 minutes. Some potency will be lost when making Oxylent popsicles, but once frozen, most of the nutrients will be retained.


Why Don’t You Have the USP Seal On Oxylent?

There are a number of verification programs available for dietary supplements (including USP, ISO NSF, NPA, etc.), all of which aim to ensure safety and quality.

Some of these verifications/certifications are of more value than others, however, because not all of them cover all of the requirements set forth by the FDA current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).

The FDA issued cGMPs for dietary supplements in 2007, with a final completion date of the end of 2009—these FDA cGMP requirements are currently the gold standard for our industry. Since the FDA does not directly certify companies, companies such as ours obtain certification from third-party certifiers that verify companies as meeting or exceeding cGMP requirements.

NSF International is a third-party certifier that inspects and certifies companies as meeting or exceeding the FDA cGMP requirements. Other certifying agencies, such as USP, are of less value because they do not cover all of the requirements set forth in the FDA cGMPs.

For these reasons, our manufacturer is NSF-certified rather than USP-verified.


Oxylent vs Coconut Water: All The Electrolytes Plus More Nutrition, All with No Sugar & Zero Calories

Oxylent provides all the electrolytes that coconut water does, plus much more—over 30 additional nutrients more! All without the sugar and calories that coconut water has (coconut water contains contain 11–14 grams of sugar per serving).

In addition, many coconut waters don’t contain as much electrolytes as they promise. Most brands of coconut water contained much lower electrolyte levels than they claimed to when tested by researchers—leading to a class action lawsuit! Coconut water is a healthier alternative to sports drinks, but Oxylent is an even healthier choice!


Can CO2 from the effervescence increase CO2 in the body?

We have not seen any research linking effervescent consumption with significantly increased CO2 in the blood. Effervescence (unlike carbonation) is a simple chemical reaction started by water, and once no more carbonate or organic food acid remains, the effervescent reaction comes to a stop and CO2 stops being created. The chemical reaction is quite rapid and typically ceases within a minute or so.


Is Oxylent a “Full-Spectrum” multivitamin?

Yes, Oxylent is a full-spectrum/complete/comprehensive multivitamin. It delivers a full panel of nutrients that are essential to biochemical and metabolic function. Of course we also acknowledge that it doesn’t contain every nutrient required—no multivitamin can.

The term “full-spectrum” does not have a standard or scientific definition (such as which nutrients it must contain and at what levels). The term can thus refer to products of varied formulas. Multivitamins with very different formulas can all be referred to as full-spectrum. Every multivitamin formula is different; every manufacturer makes different decisions about which nutrients and at what levels but, yes, Oxylent is a “full-spectrum” multivitamin.


Is Oxylent is an ideal choice of daily multivitamin for people with IBS intestinal or bowel health challenges?

Because nutritional deficiencies are very common in people with serious intestinal health challenges (a 2011 study estimated that up to 75% of such people suffer from deficiencies), taking a high quality daily multivitamin is especially important.
But because compromised intestinal and bowel health often leads to malabsorption of nutrients due to a damaged or irritated lining of the intestine, traditional pill-form multivitamins are often not the best choice. People with intestinal/bowel health issues may not be able to adequately break down and absorb pills.

Oxylent is an ideal alternative, thanks to our effervescent delivery system, which replaces pills with a sparkling drink, making it easier to absorb the essential nutrients your body needs.

Oxylent provides a full panel of high-quality nutrients required for intestinal health and function, and uniquely offers an effervescent delivery form that is highly absorbable—a crucial advantage for anyone with compromised intestinal health and nutrient absorption.

We also always recommend having your micronutrient levels tested by your doctor or health care provider, to ensure no nutrient deficiencies already exist and to know what one’s personal nutritional needs are.

Finally, legally we need to state that Oxylent, like any dietary supplement, is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition, and that information provided by Vitalah does not replace medical advice or treatment, and that all patients should consult with their doctor or health care provider before using any dietary supplement.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.