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Oxylent Celebrity

Trine Rein

Photo by: Johs Boe

Oxylent Celebrity Trine Rein



Photo by: Johs Boe

Trine Rein

Oxylent Celebrity

Recording Artist
Lives in: Norway

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“Oxylent is the easiest way for me to get almost everything I need in one take. It’s easy to bring everywhere and take when traveling, plus it tastes great!”

My voice is my strength…

Trine Rein is an American-Norwegian singer, who belongs to the exclusive group of Norwegian artists whose album sales have exceeded more than a million records. Her hits include songs like Just Missed the Train, Torn and Stay With Me Baby.

“Singing gives me harmony in life, and it is a way to express myself as an artist. Knowing that my music can have an impact on other people’s lives makes me work harder to create something special every time I perform. No two concerts are alike”.

“I use Oxylent Sport in order to get the boost I need before a performance. I can also use it as a pick-me-up after a concert, and in combination with a work out. I love that product!”

In addition to being a successful recording artist, Trine also participates in downhill skiing, scuba diving, road racing, rowing and sled dog activities.

In 2015, Trine Rein married Lars Monsen, a Sámi-Norwegian adventurer and journalist, famous for his explorations and backpacking expeditions in harsh wilderness. They now share many adventures together. http://larsmonsen.no 

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