Why AuroraBlue®?

/Why AuroraBlue®?
Why AuroraBlue®? 2017-06-20T22:35:13+01:00

What is AuroraBlue?

  • Dried concentrate from a patented variety of wild Alaskan blueberry
  • Contains the most impressive flavonoid profile of any documented fruit
    • 400-500mg anthocyanins per gram (vs. 3mg for Acai Berry)†
    • 10x the bioactive compounds & antioxidant capacity of standard blueberries†
  • USDA organic-certified
  • Sustainably hand-picked in Alaskan rainforests & tundra
  • Supports native Alaska people & local economies

Benefits of AuroraBlue

  • Defends against the free radicals increased by exercise†
  • Supports a healthy inflammation response†
  • Supports healthy blood sugar maintenance†
  • Promotes healthy metabolism & body weight†
  • Supports cardiovascular health†
  • Supports brain & mental function†
  • Promotes healthy aging†
  • Supports quicker recovery†

For More Information on Denali Biotechnologies patented AuroraBlue®, please visit http://denalibiotech.com/products/aurorablue/

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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