Supplements for Joint Pain

///Supplements for Joint Pain

Over the years, the supplement industry has flourished and reached new heights with the addition of new ingredients and products. With the prevalence of various health conditions and deficits in vitamins and minerals, many individuals are turning more towards supplementation to support their health and alleviate some of their current side effects. Particularly, many people seek different supplements for joint pain, as joints and ligaments tend to wear and tear depending on the load we put on them. By supplementing with the right compounds, you can support the overall health of your joints, ligaments and tendons while simultaneously relieving some of the pain.



Turmeric is a dried powder derived from the curcuma longa plant that has been used for centuries due to its potent healing properties. The compounds found in turmeric, known as curcuminoids, have been shown to offer powerful antioxidant benefits that can have anti-inflammatory effects. Chronic inflammation can lead to joint damage if gone unattended, and because of this, supplementing with nutrients that can help manage inflammation within the body is essential.



Curcumin is a curcuminoid found in turmeric that has been shown to protect cartilage cells from degradation caused by excessive inflammation. More recently, research has shown curcumin’s potential role in supporting the restoration of cellular homeostasis. Further, when taken together with turmeric, research has shown the effects may be greater.


L-Alanyl L-Glutamine

L-Alanyl L-Glutamine, otherwise known by the brand name Sustamine® is a dipeptide molecule that has been shown to support joint strength, protein synthesis and tissue repair. L-Alanyl L-Glutamine has also been shown to support the inhibition of muscle protein breakdown.



Due to its role in over 300 metabolic processes within the body, magnesium is an essential nutrient to take for joint support. It has been shown to relieve nerve pain and help muscles relax which can be particularly beneficial for those individuals who suffer from arthritis. Further, since calcium supplementation without the presence of magnesium can cause potential calcium deposits in the joints, it is highly recommended to supplement with magnesium to support optimal joint health.


The amount of glucosamine within the body tends to drop as people age. Since it plays a key role in keeping the joints healthy and provides anti-inflammatory effects as well, its importance cannot be ignored. Glucosamine is one of the most extensively researched and sought after supplements for joint pain and is easily available in the market.



Whenever it comes to the inhibition of inflammatory pathways, chondroitin sulfate also holds a top spot. Moreover, it is also a vital component for slowing the progression of joint damage and the rate of joint deterioration.


Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

MSM is an organic sulfur compound found in green plants, animals and humans. It has been shown to be beneficial to overall bone health, supporting conditions such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Due to its natural ability to break up unhealthy calcium deposits within the body, MSM has also been suggested to help slow degenerative diseases.