Why Is Stevia a Healthier Choice Than Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners?

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Why Is Stevia a Healthier Choice Than Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners?Stevia is a natural sweetener that is an ideal alternative to both sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Not only does stevia avoid the health risks associated with both sugar and artificial sweeteners, but stevia also has potential health benefits, according to research.

Both Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners are Risky

Artificial sweeteners—such as saccharin (Sweet’N Low), aspartame (Equal and NutraSweet), acesulfame potassium (Sweet One), sucralose (Splenda), cyclamate, alitame and neotame—have been linked to weight gain as well as a wide variety of serious health hazards. Many scientists advise caution in consuming artificial sweeteners due to their potential health hazards.

Sugar has been linked to serious health concerns too. A growing body of evidence links sugar to metabolic dysfunction and many chronic health problems. Leading researchers have recently argued that sugar should be regulated like tobacco and alcohol are, since sugar can cause many of the same health problems.

A Safer Sweetener

In contrast to both sugar and artificial sweeteners, stevia has a centuries-long history of safe use. Stevia is made from the leaves of the Stevia rebaudiana plant. The plant is native to South America, where it has been safely consumed for centuries. Stevia has also been safely consumed as a natural sweetener in Japan for over thirty years.

Stevia’s Potential Health Benefits

A number of studies have suggested that stevia may offer health benefits—in contrast to both sugar and artificial sweeteners, which both lack health benefits. Stevia has been shown to have a negligible effect on blood sugar, and preliminary research also shows that stevia may even benefit glucose tolerance. Studies also suggest stevia may support healthy blood pressure, healthy fluid balance, healthy immune and inflammatory responses, and dental health.

Safe for People with Diabetes

Stevia does not affect blood sugar levels, and can thus be useful as a natural sweetener that is safe for diabetics. Stevia has a Glycemic Index of zero; it is carbohydrate-free and therefore does not affect blood sugar.

Oxylent is Sweetened with Stevia Only

Unlike some daily multivitamin drink mixes that can contain many grams of sugar and/or artificial sweeteners such as sucralose, Oxylent is sweetened with pure and natural stevia only.

Vitalah chooses to use Stevia in all its Oxylent formulas rather than sugar or artificial sweeteners because of our commitment to quality in producing the most natural and health-promoting products possible.

Each packet of Oxylent, Children’s Oxylent, and Prenatal Oxylent mix with water to provide a full-panel daily multivitamin, all in one refreshing drink! With no sugar, GMOs, gluten, dairy, preservatives or additives of any kind.

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