Spotlight on Minerals: Zinc – Essential for Immunity & Exercise

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Spotlight on Minerals: Zinc – Essential for Immunity & ExerciseMany people know that minerals are good for them, but do you know why your body actually needs them?

Zinc is an essential mineral that plays central roles in your body’s health and function.  Two of its most important roles include its roles in your immune system, and its roles in exercise and athletic training.

Zinc & Your Immune System

Zinc affects virtually every aspect of your immune defenses, from your mucous membranes to your white blood cells that attack dangerous cells throughout your body.1

Zinc also plays an essential role in tissue and wound healing. It stimulates the repair process of damaged tissue and facilitating the body’s healing process.2

Zinc & Exercise

Zinc is also one of the most prominent minerals impacted by exercise. Strenuous exercise can change zinc levels in your body, with both short-term and long-term effects on zinc levels.3

Research shows that exercise may increase the needs for zinc. Adequate zinc is important in maintaining athletic performance and good health, since changes in zinc levels can lead to fatigue and decreased endurance.4

Many Of Us Don’t Get Enough

In general, most Americans don’t get enough zinc. Research shows that 68% of Americans receive less than two thirds of the Recommended Daily Average of this essential mineral.

Superior Quality Albion® Zinc is the Best Choice

Since many of us don’t get enough zinc from our diets, supplementation is often a wise choice. But not all forms of zinc are created equal, and many are poorly absorbed. If your body can’t absorb the zinc you take, then you can’t get the benefits of this essential mineral.

Albion® zinc, like all Albion minerals, is proven to be several times more absorbable than typical minerals. In fact, studies show that Albion minerals are up to 20 times more bioavailable than typical mineral supplements! Albion guarantees that your body will absorb and metabolize Albion minerals.

Not only is Albion zinc better absorbed, but it is also better tolerated. Many zinc supplements can cause gastro-intestinal side effects like nausea and stomach upset. But thanks to their patented molecular structure, Albion minerals do not cause these problems.

We are proud to make our Oxylent multivitamin drinks exclusively with Albion minerals, including Albion zinc. We’re committed to offering the highest quality effervescent multivitamin drinks on the market, and superior quality Albion minerals are a key aspect of our superior quality.

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