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Oxylent Athlete

Sky Bliss

Oxylent Athlete- Sky Bliss

Sky Bliss


Lives in: United Kingdom

What’s your name?

What type of athlete are you?
I am an ex-semi pro rugby player from England. I love to stay fit because I love fitness and being healthy outdoors. It is also important since I am a professional photographer and specialize in photojournalism, so I often need to carry huge amounts of camera equipment on my shoots like in these photos.

How long have you been training for?
16 years

Did anyone teach you how to play this sport?
School Boy and University Rugby

What do you like about training?
Endorphin rush!

What do you dislike about training?
In England – the rain!

What motivates you?
To be the best

What discourages you?
To fail

What is your fondest memory playing this sport?
My teammates!

Do you take any supplements?
Oxylent Sport  

Do you have a favorite supplement brand that you’d recommend to your fans?

What is your favorite meal?

What is your favorite cheat meal?

What foods or drinks help you gear up and stay energized for the game/event?
Oxylent Sport

Who is your biggest mentor?
My Parents

What do you do on your off days/season(s)?
I don’t have an off-season, but I love to backpack and recently learned to scuba after shooting for a team of surgeons in Honduras for their charity

What are your main motivations for doing athletics?
To look good naked! Joke – stay fit to feel younger and also for my demanding photography career

What do you most enjoy?
Making clients go WOW when they see my photos

What have been your major highlights/achievements?
Shooting for the team of elite surgeons on their medical charity in Honduras as an athlete and leading my rugby team to the national finals.

What are your long-term goals?
Stay fit and adventurous and shoot for National Geographic

Are there any events you don’t like?
Marathons bore me – unless it’s across the desert.

What do you feel are your main strengths?

If you could play for any professional team, who would you play for?
London Wasps Rugby

Do you have a ‘life motto’?
Carpe Diem Et Nocte
Instagram: @skyisanadventurousartist
Instagram: @unicornproductionsla

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