Scientific Review Suggests Multivitamins May Benefit Mental Health

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Scientific Review Suggests Multivitamins May Benefit Mental HealthA new research review published earlier this year analyzed 8 previously published studies and found that taking a daily multivitamin can benefit mental health by reducing stress, fatigue, anxiety, everyday mood, and mild psychiatric symptoms.

The researchers explained that the multivitamins may produce these benefits by addressing subclinical nutrient deficiencies.

Subclinical nutrient deficiencies will not appear on a blood test like full-blown deficiencies, do but they can still negatively impact mental health—including an inability to handle stress and anxiety.

Subclinical deficiencies are very common, since even the healthiest diets often don’t provide enough of every nutrient our bodies need every day to maintain optimal health and function.

Taking a daily multivitamin helps address any subclinical nutrient deficiencies and ensures adequate nutrient intake everyday. The results of this study showed that multivitamins significantly reduced stress levels, anxiety, fatigue, and confusion when compared with a placebo.

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