Is Resveratrol Safe during Pregnancy?

///Is Resveratrol Safe during Pregnancy?

A pregnant woman is anxious to become a mother.

Resveratrol, a compound which is quite extensively found in red wine, is used in beauty products and a wide variety of supplements. It offers an array of benefits specific to anti-aging and heart health. However, due to some ongoing research and concerns, the internet has been flooded with the query, “Is resveratrol safe during pregnancy?


Over the last few years, scientific research has been conducted on the matter where researchers investigated whether or not the compound affects the metabolism of a pregnant female. It should be noted that in this experiment, they used ResVida®, a brand of resveratrol that claims to provide 98% trans-resveratrol bioidentical to the resveratrol found in red wine. It was found that resveratrol does offer various benefits to an extent as far as metabolism and placental blood flow is concerned. This research also found some efficiency in blood flow to the placenta, increasing the probability of better nourishment. So even if the fetus was not being provided with an appropriate and healthy diet, there may be benefits with the support of this compound.


However, there was also a downside which involved the development of the fetal pancreas. Even though the initial findings offered value to the scientists, resveratrol’s negative interaction with the fetal pancreas could not be ignored. The concern was so overwhelming that the scientists were provoked to issue a warning declaring resveratrol to be unhealthy for pregnant women.


It should also be noted that when the research was conducted on pregnant animals, they were provided a western diet to ensure the accuracy, or rather, relevance of the results. It was deduced that appropriate usage of resveratrol could even trim down the rate of fat deposition in the liver. This is quite valuable, especially when a woman is undergoing pregnancy.


So, the question rises again – is resveratrol safe during pregnancy? Due to a lot of concerns, another research study was conducted at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. It further supported that the compound is not as dependable for diminishing cardiovascular diseases or supporting life extension.


It is quite evident that initially, the results were compromising and the researchers were even hoping that they had found another supplement that could potentially relieve pregnancy complications. However, once the research progressed, a significant alarm buzzed when scientists found that the compound poses a threat to the pancreatic development of the fetus. So when asking the original question, ‘is resveratrol safe during pregnancy or not,‘ the risk may not be worth the suggested benefits based on current research.


In summary, even though there are substantial and credible studies available on the various benefits of resveratrol, there is no guarantee that resveratrol is safe for every cause – particularly pregnant women. Therefore, it is always recommended to seek professional advice to ensure supplementing with resveratrol is right for you.




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