Oxylent to Host Kat James’ Acclaimed Total Transformation® Program

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Oxylent to Host Kat James’ Acclaimed Total Transformation® ProgramFor over a decade, award-winning author and inside-out transformation expert Kat James has been helping people dramatically transform their bodies, their relationship with food, their health, and their lives—as she did for herself—when all else has failed.

Kat’s advice has been featured on national TV shows such as Today, the Discovery Channel, and Fox, and in nearly every major women’s and natural health magazine, including Vogue, Glamour, SELF, Natural Health, and Oprah’s magazine. She is also the author of the award-winning bestseller The Truth About Beauty, and hosts the syndicated
radio show The Kat James Show.


Called “a master of self-transformation” by SELFmagazine’s Mary Christ Anderson, Kat—after becoming one of the most sought after and quoted celebrity makeup artists of the nineties—was forced to face her own life-threatening “beauty demons”, including a twelve-year eating disorder and multiple diseases that nearly took her life at the age of twenty-four. After desperate nutritional (and supplement) experimentation—which turned around not only her failing liver, skin rashes, and metabolic disease, but unexpectedly, the very neurochemical imbalances that had locked her into her self-destructive relationship with food—Kat transformed her own body and face beyond recognition, dropping ten dress sizes…without willpower. She then took the controversial truths gleaned from her own transformation and created her acclaimed Total Transformation® programs. The results of her program speak for themselves. Over the last decade, many national magazine stories have featured not only Kat’s dramatic success story, but a steady stream of equally-transformed followers of her program.

An outspoken disparager of “boot camp” diets or beauty regimens, Kat has maintained her own transformation for nearly two decades without the maintenance efforts that TV weight loss reality shows portray. In fact, Kat turned down a leading role as the primary motivator in one of the original “extreme-makeover” reality shows because of her uncommon personal discovery that the huffing and puffing, willpower, and struggle—and the surgery—are unnecessary for dramatic transformation.

How each person experiences the biochemical, emotional, and physical transformation is slightly different but, according to Kat (and emerging research and many prominent doctors who have validated her approach), there are truths that apply to almost everyone. For example, due to the biochemical effects from Kat’s unique dietary guidelines—which have been endorsed by some top experts on the hormone leptin—just about everyone loses all cravings (even those with “hard-core” food issues) by day three and most experience facial, mood, or skin changes and reduced body-wide puffiness (inflammation) and bloating before their five days with Kat are concluded.

Kat has conducted Total Transformation programs around the globe, from the Caribbean, Costa Rica, Tuscany, and Maui, to Long Island, San Diego, Vail, and the Blue Ridge Mountains, often hosted by medical clinics. She’ll also present at the highly-respected Omega Institute later this year.

Kat continues to attend and lead every Total Transformation program, and brings the rare perspective of over a decade of hands-on guidance and her formidable track record to a unique 5-day experience that Conde Nast Traveler described years ago as a first in “transformation travel.” She even “ices the cake” with a world-class makeover and photo shoot for each attendee (she was a makeup artist to stars like Martha Stewart and Sarah Jessica Parker). To see all of the included features of Kat’s program, visit this link: http://www.informedbeauty.com/total_transformation_program_detail_fall_09.html

Vitalah, creators of Oxylent daily multivitamin drink, is proud to have been chosen to sponsor and host her upcoming Total Transformation program, to be held from September 18th (Wednesday evening kickoff) to Sunday, September 22nd on the beautiful Lake Tullouch reservoir.

Kat has chosen Vitalah as a sponsor for her program because she believes Oxylent can help play a part in the transformations that her program achieves. Kat explains why she chose Oxylent: “Oxylent is the only stevia-sweetened multivitamin drink with no sugar or artificial sweeteners, and the only SOD-containing multivitamin drink. SOD is exponentially more potent than typical antioxidants. In addition, Oxylent is the only multivitamin drink with Albion minerals, and the only effervescent multivitamin with all those ingredients, meaning up to 100% bioavailability,” Kat said.

We at Vitalah are honored to help support the participants’ journeys to achieving life-changing transformations. To learn more about Oxylent multivitamin drink, visit oxylent.com.

To learn more about Kat, read published success stories from her Total Transformation programs, or to sign up to join us in September and receive her inspiring free newsletter, visit www.informedbeauty.com or call 877-54-TOTAL.

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