Oxylent Fuels Women’s Effort to Row Across the Pacific Ocean

//, Sponsor/Oxylent Fuels Women’s Effort to Row Across the Pacific Ocean

Oxylent Fuels Women’s Effort to Row Across the Pacific Ocean

Rebecca Berger & Leanne Zrum train for the first-ever Great Pacific Race

2100 nautical miles separate Monterey, California and Honolulu, Hawaii—and next summer Rebecca Berger and Leanne Zrum plan to row every mile, 12 hours a day, in their 22-foot rowing boat powered only by human power.

They aim to become the first Canadians to row across the Pacific Ocean, and the first female pair to complete this extreme endurance race. Oxylent is proud to sponsor their history-making endeavor.

In June 2014, Rebecca and Leanne will depart from the Monterey Bay, California with all of the supplies needed for the journey. Food, equipment, a water desalinator, safety and emergency gear will all be on board, along with the latest technological systems for navigation, communication, and video—all of which will be powered by solar panel-charged batteries.

So far 15 crews comprising 38 participants and 7 countries have signed up for the inaugural Great Pacific Race, which could take individuals up to 100 days and four-person crews a month to finish. The race will feature streaming videos and daily tracking of boats online.

Rebecca and Leanne will also be personally filming their extraordinary race from start to finish, and plan to document the physical and mental challenges of an endurance challenge of this scale, their intimate encounters with diverse wildlife, and the sheer power of ocean. They will also be updating their website with a blog, photos, and video throughout their endeavor. (RSS feeds from the site can be provided to anyone interested.)

These incredible women are also rowing for a cause. They will use their opportunity in the public eye to increase awareness for our oceans’ health and raise funds for the David Suzuki Foundation, to support the great work that foundation does to conserve our environment and educate about planetary impact.

Rebecca and Leanne have been using Oxylent while training, and here’s what they have to say: “We love that Oxylent comes in a variety pack of tasty flavors – finally, a nutritional supplement that tastes good enough to want to drink all of the time! Having a variety of flavors to choose from will be important during our row to Hawaii, as our days may often consist of looking forward to the next meal or delicious treat to keep our spirits up and boat moving in the right direction!”

“Every time we drink Oxylent it brings with it a genuine feeling of being energized. On more intense training days, we will often have two throughout the day – the extra Oxylent aids in recovery and to reduce the perpetual feeling of fatigue that is oh so familiar after multiple hard work-outs.”

“We are looking forward to having Oxylent on the boat with us during our row. The addition of high quality and pure vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to our daily food provisions will aid our hydration and give much needed support to our immune systems – which will take a beating with our daily regimen of rowing and lack of rest!”

To learn more about Rebecca and Leanne, their training, their cause, and upcoming events as they prepare for the Great Pacific Race, or to donate funds and sponsor a nautical mile or become a member of the land crew, visit http://www.rowthepacific.ca

You can also help them get the word out, and let your friends and family know about the incredible feat they are trying to achieve, by liking or sharing their Facebook page— https://www.facebook.com/RowThePacific2014—and following them on twitter—@RowThePacific.