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Oxylent Athlete

Tom Merrick

Oxylent Athlete- Tom Merrick

Tom Merrick

Bodyweight Athlete

Lives in: United Kingdom

“I love Men’s Oxylent because I know each day I have all my essential nutrients. I love having a high quality supplement specific for men, all-in-one.”

The way of the warrior…

Oxylent Athlete Tom Merrick has over 5 years experience training which has consisted of everything from endurance and cardio to bodybuilding and power lifting. However, it wasn’t until 3 years ago that he began utilising bodyweight training and taking a holistic approach to nutrition and life. Tom immersed himself in research papers, books, podcasts and attended seminars and courses. He took this information and started experimenting with all the different ideas that he discovered. This has led to the person he is today, not only in development of his physical strength but his psychological strength too.

“Sport Oxylent is my go to pre workout. Most pre workouts have caffeine and artificial sweeteners but this one does not.”

“The Bodyweight Warrior is a combination of two influences in my life, bodyweight strength & mobility and the Jungian mature masculine archetypes. The Warrior archetype is a pattern of behaviour and thought that provides energy to complete goals, fight for worthy causes and achieve greatness. The warrior energy is aggressive, purposeful, mindful and disciplined. These qualities provide the effort, focus and awareness to effectively train and achieve the goals set out in bodyweight training and extended life.”

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