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Oxylent Athlete

Ricky Castro

Oxylent Athlete – Ricky Castro

Ricky Castro

Junior Professional BMX Cyclist
Lives in: Hollister, CA

“Ricky Castro is a talented and dedicated racer. ”

Ricky Castro is a talented and dedicated racer. Ricky approaches each and every race with the same hard work and passion to succeed. He is an excellent representative of his sponsors and knows how to conduct himself at events. Ricky is a leader at his local track and respectful to his peers and competitors. Ricky was fortunate to travel to Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Delaware, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Texas and Oklahoma to race this past season and has enjoyed many sights along the way.


NBL Grands: 11 expert, Grands winner – National #1, 11 cruiser Grands winner – National #1

ABA Redline Cup Championships: 11 expert – 3rd place main, 11 cruiser – 3rd place main (RLC #3)

Sea Otter Classic, Mountain Bike: Juniors 13-14 yrs (as a 10 yr old) Dual Slalom- 6th place, Juniors 11-12 yrs Downhill – 4th place

ABA Grands: 10 cruiser – 5th in main, 10 expert, open class – 3rd place main

NBL Grands: 9 expert – Grands winner – National #1, 9-10 cruiser, 4th place – National #8

ABA State Championships: 9 expert – State #3, 9 cruiser – State #3

* Ricky has consistently won numerous competitions and awards since 2007

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