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Oxylent Athlete

Coco Sanchez

Oxylent Athlete- Tom Merrick

Coco Sanchez

Professional Freestyle Rollerblader

Lives in:United State

“Being a professional athlete working my body as hard as I do, everything that I consume counts.”

That’s why one of the first things I do every morning is enjoy a glass of Oxylent.

Right there I begin my day with such a powerful kick that I literally feel nothing can get in my way. Oxylent is such an important part of providing mental and physical balance that I even end the day with another glass of Oxylent to be ahead of the game! I am grateful to be a Vitalah athlete. Thank you Oxylent for meeting me half way and making me feel like a winner every second of the day.” ~ Coco Sanchez


1st place Empire Jam | Fontana, CA

1st Place Supergirl | Jam Venice Beach, CA

Finals Winterclash | Berlin, Germany

Finals Chaz Sands Invitational | UK

1st Place ASA Amateur World Championship 2006 | Dallas, TX

1st Place ASA Amateur World Championship 2005 | Sacramento, CA

1st place (male division) Blue Ridge Games | NC

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