New Study Suggests Role for Vitamin D in Mental Health

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New Study Suggests Role for Vitamin D in Mental HealthA newly published study suggests that vitamin D may play a role in mental health.

Researchers analyzed vitamin D blood levels of over 1100 patients with mental health issues, nearly 800 people who had previously experienced mental health issues but were no longer experiencing such issues, and nearly 500 control subjects with no history of mental health issues.

The study results found that the people with no history of mental health issues had significantly higher vitamin D blood levels than the people who had previously experienced mental health issues, and even higher vitamin D levels than the people currently experiencing mental health issues.

The people with current mental health issues had an 80% risk of having inadequate vitamin D blood levels. The people with past mental health issues had a 68% increased risk, compared to the control group.

This research builds upon previous research that has shown that vitamin D receptors are present within cell membranes in the brain.

The study’s authors concluded that the results suggested that low vitamin D “may represent an underlying biological vulnerability” for mental health issues.

More research is needed of course, but these results are significant given that mental health is projected to be a primary worldwide health issue in the coming decades.

This is just the latest study in a large and growing body of scientific evidence investigating the many roles in our health that vitamin D plays—many more roles than was thought even just a couple of decades ago.

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