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Natural Energy Drink

Did You Know That Doctors Recommend a Daily Multivitamin for Increased Energy?

Tired all the time? Can’t focus or concentrate?

You’re not alone! Millions of people experience feelings of fatigue or exhaustion, even when exams can’t explain why and lab tests come back “normal.”

A Recent Study Shows…

Doctors are familiar with this phenomenon as well. In fact, a group of them recently conducted a study to investigate. They asked whether such feelings of fatigue experienced by otherwise healthy people could be explained by a lack of vitamins and minerals, and explored the role of daily multivitamins in improving energy and well-being.

What They Found:

Even mild deficiencies of vitamins and minerals can result in a general fatigue and lack of well-being, reduced resistance to infections, and impaired mental processes (e.g. memory, concentration, attention and mood), the study found.

Today’s demanding lifestyles put many of us at risk of not getting enough vitamins and minerals. Rushed meals, imbalanced food choices, dieting, and stress-related behaviors like excessive coffee, alcohol, or smoking—even excessive exercise—can all contribute to the risk of nutrient deficiencies.

How Do I Fix It?

The fact is that most of us are not getting all of the nutrients we need from our diets alone. Marginal deficiencies of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients are very common. The study identified women at an even higher risk of inadequate nutrient intake due to demanding lifestyles, physical activity, stress, dieting, and imbalanced meals.

The doctors recommend that otherwise healthy people experiencing fatigue, low energy, or general lack of well-being take a daily multivitamin for 6 weeks to obtain a noticeable effect on well-being and energy.

Our Daily Multivitamin Drink Mix

Oxylent is a superior quality daily multivitamin that helps you get more energy naturally. Adding one packet of Oxylent vitamin drink mix to water creates a delicious drink that provides a full panel of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and amino acids to support healthy energy levels—all without sugar, calories, caffeine, gluten, dairy, or anything artificial or risky to your health. For more information, read through our list of superior ingredients. Try it for 6 weeks and feel the Oxylent difference—once you do, you will never go a day without Oxylent!

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