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Did You Know Studies Show Vitamin Supplements Support Attention and Learning?

Making sure that children get enough vitamins and minerals is crucially important during the rapid brain growth and cognitive development of childhood and adolescence.

In fact, the brain continues to develop well into young adulthood. This is one of the reasons that kids need more nutrients than adults, relative to body weight.

Furthermore, many children may have increased nutritional needs due to certain health conditions or issues.

Why It Matters:

Vitamins and minerals play important roles in many essential processes in the brain that are necessary in order to perform cognitive tasks like learning, problem solving, and memory. For example, studies have shown that even borderline vitamin inadequacies have been linked to cognitive changes in adolescents, for example.

Do Your Kids Get Enough?

Unfortunately, however, the reality is that many children and adolescents do not reach recommended intakes for many essential vitamins and minerals.

Even healthy, well-balanced diets often do not provide optimal amounts of every nutrient kids need. That’s why doctors recommend that all children take a daily multivitamin supplement.

Scientific Studies Show…

A recent study of children ages eight to fourteen found that the children given a daily multivitamin every day did better on attention test than children who were not.

To ensure your child receives sufficient nutrients as he or she grows, try our delicious vitamin drink mix, Children’s Oxylent! For more information, you can find our Children’s Oxylent FAQ here.

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