Are You Getting Enough Nutrients From Prenatal Gummy Vitamins?

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Are You Getting Enough Nutrients From Prenatal Gummy Vitamins?Gummy prenatal vitamins are increasingly popular among pregnant women, especially among women who find traditional pill-form prenatal vitamins difficult to swallow or keep down. But women may not realize that gummy prenatal vitamins may not contain all of the vital nutrients found in other prenatal vitamins.

In fact, many popular brands of gummy prenatal vitamins do not contain any calcium, iron, or any of the B vitamins thiamin and riboflavin! Women who choose these gummies thinking they are making a healthy choice are therefore getting shortchanged—they are not getting the vitamins and minerals they think they are.

Doctors and expert organizations such as the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend iron supplementation for pregnant women because it is usually difficult to get enough iron from diet alone, and two scientific reviews in the past year have shown that iron supplements promote healthy birth weights. The benefits of supplementing with calcium during pregnancy are also well established, and thiamin and riboflavin are also important nutrients for health.

Unfortunately, just because gummy vitamins are labeled as “prenatal vitamins” doesn’t mean that we can trust them to provide the vitamins and minerals we expect from prenatal vitamins. Women should read labels very carefully to make sure they are getting the nutrients they need from the prenatal vitamin they choose.

In addition to the concerns over what gummy prenatal vitamins don’t contain, there is also cause for concern over what they do contain, namely sugar. Sugar consumption is currently at an all time high and continues to be associated with many health risks, which is why we think that the last place any of us need more sugar is in our multivitamins.

We think Prenatal Oxylent® is a healthier alternative to prenatal gummy multivitamins. For women who find it challenging to swallow or keep down pills, the effervescent delivery system of Prenatal Oxylent is an ideal solution—just add a packet to cold water and enjoy a refreshing sparkling drink that provides a full-panel prenatal multivitamin with every tasty sip. All with no sugar, GMOs, dairy, caffeine, gluten, soy, herbs, additives, or anything artificial.

Drinking Prenatal Oxylent daily supports the increased nutritional needs of conception, pregnancy, and lactation with a full panel of premium quality vitamins and minerals—including Albion® Ferrochel® as our source of iron.

Women who have experienced unpleasant side effects from iron in the past will be pleased to know that Albion’s Ferrochel form of iron does not cause the stomach upset, constipation, or gastrointestinal discomfort associated with typical iron supplements. (To learn more about why Ferrochel is a better form of iron, click here.) [Ryan, please link to the Ferrochel blog post here.]

Prenatal Oxylent is recommended by the American Pregnancy Association as its prenatal multivitamin of choice, and loved by women everywhere. See why and try it for yourself today!

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