Effervescence Technology – What is it and Why is it Better For You?

///Effervescence Technology – What is it and Why is it Better For You?

Oxylent®’s effervescent technology transforms the experience of taking supplements from having to swallow tableted pills to drinking a delicious beverage instead. Each single-serving packet of our award-winning Oxylent® effervescent formulas can be added to water to create a fizzy drink that not only delivers a full panel of nutrients, but in a more effective and pleasant way as well!


What Exactly is Effervescence?

Effervescent fizz is caused by a simple chemical reaction: an organic food acid (such as citric acid or malic acid, for example) mixes with a carbonate salt (such as potassium or magnesium carbonate, for example), which releases carbon dioxide gas. Water is needed to start the reaction—without water neither the food acid nor the carbonate can dissociate, and the effervescent reaction cannot start.


Who is Effervescence Especially Important For?

Effervescence is a better way to take supplements for everyone, but especially for those where absorption is a particularly important issue. If you or your loved ones are one of the millions of people in the following categories, then choosing effervescent supplements is even more advantageous.

  • Older Adults and/or Seniors
  • Anyone with Digestive or Intestinal Health Issues
  • Bariatric Patients
  • Pregnant or Breast-Feeding Women


Better For You

Better Absorption and Results

Unlike tableted pills, effervescence does not need to be broken down by stomach acids in order to be absorbed in the small intestine. This is a crucial advantage because many of us do not break down pills efficiently, which means we may not absorb the nutrients contained in the pills we take. Unlike liquids, effervescence produces CO2 fizz, which research suggests increases absorption across the intestinal wall. Effervescence offers better absorption, and therefore better results, than both pills and liquid supplements. (1–7)


Backed by Science

The superior absorption of effervescence is backed by science. Several studies demonstrate the better and faster absorption of effervescence. These studies have suggested that effervescence improves absorption both because it requires less digestion than pills and because the presence of CO2 improves absorption across the intestinal wall. (1–7) For these reasons, research forecasts effervescence as the future delivery system of choice.


Better Experience

Many people find hard tablet pills difficult to swallow or unpalatable. Effervescence is not only better absorbed than traditional pill-form supplements, but is also more pleasant than pills. Rather than swallowing a handful of pills every day, with Oxylent® you simply drink a sparkling beverage that tastes so good you wouldn’t even know that it’s your daily multivitamin supplement. All in one delicious drink, Oxylent®’s 5-in-1 formula contains a full panel of superior vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and amino acids. Oxylent® is offered in three great-tasting natural fruit flavors: Sparkling Berries, Sparkling Mandarin and Sparkling Blackberry Pomegranate.


Better for Your Kids

Better than Gummies

Gummy-form children’s supplements continue to be popular, but several factors detract from the quality of gummy delivery systems. First, it is generally difficult to get the quantities of nutrients a child needs for optimal health into a single gummy. Second, there is a problem with the sugar contained in these gummies, as well as additives such as artificial colors and sweeteners. If you do choose a gummy vitamin, be sure to do your research since not all gummies are created equal. Effervescent Children’s Oxylent® offers more nutrition, no sugar, and no artificial additives of any kind. All Oxylent® products are free of gluten, dairy and caffeine as well.


Better for Everyone

No Binders or Additives

Effervescence does not require the use of additives such as binders or anti-caking agents, nor is increased exposure, heat and processing required to manufacture other forms of supplements. Oxylent®’s effervescent technology contains more pure, absorbable nutrition we all need, and none of the processing or additives we don’t.


Better for the Environment

Less Energy Requirements

Effervescent supplements require less energy to manufacture and transport, and thus also produce less pollution. Additionally, the single-serving effervescent packets are packaged in 100% recyclable cardboard. Effervescence delivers superior-quality nutrition while also reducing environmental impact.


Oxylent®—The Award-Winning Family of Effervescent Supplements

Because of its unsurpassed formulations, Oxylent® is continuosly recognized throughout its industry for its efficacy and quality. Since launching in late 2008, Oxylent® has received over 15 awards for its quality and formulations.

No other effervescent nutritional supplement can match Oxylent®’s unique formulas, which include essential vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants, as well as superior-quality Albion® Minerals—the only chelated minerals guaranteed to be absorbed and metabolized. Oxylent® offers the highest-quality, most effective effervescent supplements available on the market.



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