Dr. Robyn Benson: Healing with Oxygen, Hydration, & Biohacking – #194

///Dr. Robyn Benson: Healing with Oxygen, Hydration, & Biohacking – #194

Dr. Robyn Benson is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and Founder of the Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health, and The Self-Care Revolution. She has traveled to more than 70 countries and treated 80,000+ patients using revolutionary new technologies and techniques to prevent and reverse disease, including acupuncture, IV therapies, chiropractic, therapeutic massage, and a number of oxidative therapies such as Prolozone. Her holistic practice focuses on helping people to reclaim their wellbeing by utilizing cutting-edge technologies combined with better daily choices in the areas of diet, exercise, and stress management to create profound improvements and empower them to take control of their own health.

Why you should listen –
Dr. Robyn comes on Bulletproof Radio to discuss cutting edge oxidative therapies, the importance of hydration, how to use your own body to heal itself, and some of her biohacking secrets. Enjoy the show!