What is Sustamine?

Many athletes are familiar with glutamine, an amino acid known for its muscle-boosting benefits. But Sport Oxylent takes this benefit one step further by using Sustamine instead of glutamine alone. Sustamine is a dipeptide ingredient that includes both L-glutamine (the most important amino acid for muscle protein synthesis) and L-alanine (an amino acid required for [...]

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What is Creatine MagnaPower?

It’s no surprise that creatine is the superstar of natural sports nutrition. It’s a naturally derived ingredient — no chemical performance boosters here! — that boosts energy in the muscles by replenishing ATP, the molecules that store energy. And more energy, especially during a workout, translates to an increased ability to build muscle and strength. [...]

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What Sets Sport Oxylent Apart?

Let’s start with the good news: thanks to overwhelming research interest and consumer demand, there are more ingredients and products available than ever when it comes to sports nutrition. The bad news? Most of these products only target one phase of a workout — either pre-workout energy boosts or stamina to sustain exercise or recovery to get back on [...]

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