Understanding Sustamine® – L-Alanyl L-Glutamine

The Role of Hydration in Athletic Stamina Maintaining hydration levels is a vital part of our well-being. When we push our bodies and minds to the limit, the need to stay hydrated increases. It has been shown that when exercising in a hot environment, dehydration by only 2% of body mass reduces our level of [...]

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Oxylent® Women’s Anti-Aging Ingredients and Benefits

Getting older—it’s inevitable for all of us. As women age, our bodies go through a variety of changes; our hormones fluctuate, our metabolisms slow down, the natural antioxidant production in our skin declines, and the bioenergy of our skin cells which power collagen creation and the repair process also regress. Surveys have shown that girls [...]

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The Negative Impact of Sugar in your Vitamin C Supplements

The Negative Impact of Sugar in your Vitamin C Supplements Vitamin C is one of the most researched antioxidants available on the market, and its invaluable health benefits range from supporting the immune system and protecting against free radical damage to assisting in the treatment of infectious diseases. When Researcher Linus Pauling conducted his experiments on [...]

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What is Sustamine?

Many athletes are familiar with glutamine, an amino acid known for its muscle-boosting benefits. But Sport Oxylent takes this benefit one step further by using Sustamine instead of glutamine alone. Sustamine is a dipeptide ingredient that includes both L-glutamine (the most important amino acid for muscle protein synthesis) and L-alanine (an amino acid required for [...]

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What is Creatine MagnaPower?

It’s no surprise that creatine is the superstar of natural sports nutrition. It’s a naturally derived ingredient — no chemical performance boosters here! — that boosts energy in the muscles by replenishing ATP, the molecules that store energy. And more energy, especially during a workout, translates to an increased ability to build muscle and strength. [...]

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What Sets Sport Oxylent Apart?

Let’s start with the good news: thanks to overwhelming research interest and consumer demand, there are more ingredients and products available than ever when it comes to sports nutrition. The bad news? Most of these products only target one phase of a workout — either pre-workout energy boosts or stamina to sustain exercise or recovery to get back on [...]

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5-MTHF: A Better Folate

Chances are, if you take a multivitamin, that multivitamin contains a source of folate. Why? We know that folate, a water-soluble B vitamin, reduces the risk of neural tube defects and other congenital malformations (that’s why it’s recommended before and during pregnancy). It can also boost cardiovascular, cellular, cognitive, and bone health. Many supplements contain [...]

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Adult Oxylent Enriched with Vitamins A & E

We’re proud to announce that the innovative formula of Adult Oxylent just got even better, thanks to the addition of two essential vitamins: vitamin E and vitamin A. Vitamin E, though unmatched in antioxidant power, is often called the “overlooked” nutrient due to a lack of research interest. Vitamin A also suffers from a lack [...]

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Why Kelp?

Kelp is used in many foods around the world — broth, salad, soup, and stews, to name a few. And now, this mineral-rich sea vegetable is making its debut in Adult Oxylent. Also known as brown seaweed, kelp is high in nutrients like fiber, iron, magnesium, niacin, and a range of vitamins. Notably, it is [...]

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Back-To-School Nutrition to support Learning & Concentration

Kids need more vitamins and minerals than adults do, relative to body weight. One reason why is their rapid brain growth and cognitive development. In fact, certain brain areas such as the frontal lobes continue to develop well into young adulthood. As kids’ brains constantly grow and develop, they need high amounts of nutrients. In [...]

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