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A Better Form of Iron for Your Prenatal VitaminIron is an essential nutrient that is especially important during pregnancy. In fact, women need 3 to 5 times more iron during pregnancy!

Unfortunately, however, a 2011 study of pregnant women in the U.S. found that 30% of women in the third trimester were iron deficient.

This can have serious negative consequences, as fetal and infant iron deficiency is strongly linked to irreversible, life-long consequences in brain structure and function, impacting both behavior and cognition.

For these reasons, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, The Institute of Medicine, and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that all women take prenatal supplements containing iron during pregnancy.

Supplementing with iron during pregnancy promotes healthy birth weights and full-term births, studies show.

But the problem that many women experience with taking iron during pregnancy is that typical forms of iron (i.e. ferrous sulfate) can cause gastrointestinal side effects such as nausea, constipation, vomiting, diarrhea, and/or abdominal distress.

That’s what makes Albion® Ferrochel® a better form of iron—studies show fewer instances of gastrointestinal side effects with Ferrochel than with typical iron.

Now women can take the essential iron they need during pregnancy without the unpleasant side effects!

Albion’s Ferrochel iron offers additional research-backed advantages as well. First, it does not have the unpleasant taste of typical iron supplements—a study found that nearly one third of pregnant women stopped taking a typical iron supplement due to its poor taste, compared with none of the women taking Ferrochel.

Second, Ferrochel is also a more effective form of iron—studies comparing it to typical iron found that it was significantly more effective at improving iron status, even at a much lower dose. 15 mg of Ferrochel a day was more effective at raising iron levels than 40 mg of ferrous sulfate. That’s less than half the dosage, and yet it was more effective.

Third, Albion’s Ferrochel is also a safer form of iron. Its molecular structure allows your body’s own iron stores to control how much iron is absorbed. Studies show that your intestine which controls the amount of iron absorbed from Ferrochel—somebody suffering from iron deficiency may uptake 90% of the iron from Ferrochel, while someone that is not deficient may uptake just the amount needed to offset losses in metabolism.

Finally, Ferrochel does not react with other nutrients. This is important because typical iron supplements, when dissolved in the stomach, can block absorption of other essential nutrients such as calcium, vitamin E, and vitamin C. But Ferrochel does not react with or block absorption of other nutrients, thanks again to its molecular structure.

One of the reasons the American Pregnancy Association recommends Prenatal Oxylent as a daily prenatal multivitamin is because Prenatal Oxylent uses Albion Ferrochel as its form of iron. Each packet of Prenatal Oxylent provides 18 mg (100% DV) of Ferrochel iron.

Award-winning Prenatal Oxylent is a premium quality and easy-to-digest daily prenatal multivitamin drink that tastes great, and does NOT require swallowing large tablets or capsules!

Prenatal Oxylent mixes with water to create a sparkling drink with a refreshing cranberry-raspberry flavor that provides a full panel of vitamins and minerals that support the increased nutritional needs of conception, pregnancy, and lactation—including Ferrochel iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, choline, and several B vitamins including vitamin B6, which can help reduce nausea. All with no sugar, gluten, dairy, herbs, preservatives, additives, or GMOs!.

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