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Did You Know Prenatal Multivitamins Are Just As Important Before Pregnancy?

Doctors have long recommended and prescribed prenatal multivitamins during pregnancy, but studies increasingly show that it is just as important to start taking a prenatal multivitamin at the time of conception and even before, since this time is vital to the development of the fetus.

Recent scientific studies link taking prenatal multivitamins before and immediately after conception to not only healthy outcomes during pregnancy, but also healthy childhood development long after pregnancy.

Many doctors now recommend that all women who are planning a pregnancy start taking a daily prenatal multivitamin before conceiving.

Prenatal Oxylent is a full-spectrum prenatal multivitamin formulated to meet the particular nutritional needs of conceiving and pregnant women—including iron, vitamin A, higher levels of B vitamins, choline, and a full panel of minerals—all in one delicious drink that removes the need to swallow pills!

Just add a packet to water, add ice, and enjoy a great-tasting sparkling beverage that tastes so good you wouldn’t even know that you’re drinking your prenatal multivitamin for the day!

Each vitamin pack of Prenatal Oxylent is third-party tested for purity and safety, and contains no sugar, calories, herbs, gluten, dairy, or caffeine.

An additional benefit of Prenatal Oxylent is the superior quality form of iron it contains—Albion® Minerals’ Ferrochel®. Studies show that this form of iron does not cause the constipation or gastrointestinal issues, or have the unpleasant taste, that typical forms of iron commonly found in pregnancy multivitamins do.

Prenatal Oxylent is doctor-recommended, and The American Pregnancy Association recommends Prenatal Oxylent as their prenatal multivitamin of choice.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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