Vitamin C

  • Required for the production of energy inside cells†
  • Promotes healthy collagen, tendons & cartilage†
  • Supports immune function & antioxidant protection†
  • Has also been shown to benefit exercise recovery†

Vitamin D

  • Sports medicine research is increasingly focused on the impact of vitamin D on exercise performance and recovery†
  • Studies have identified vitamin D receptors in muscle tissue, suggesting it plays key roles in muscle health and function†
  • Researchers recommend that athletes monitor their vitamin D status, based upon evidence that many are deficient†

Vitamin B6 & Vitamin B12

  • Evidence suggests exercise may increase B6 and B12 requirements†
  • Higher intake enhances the rate of essential molecular reactions†
    • including energy production, muscle protein synthesis, recovery†
  • Low/marginal levels may decrease your ability to exercise at high intensities†

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